Envision Community Arts Center

Site Location: Intersection of West Baltimore Street and North Mount Street

Project Summary:

My design takes the surrounding community and brings it into the building itself. I took inspiration from lenses and viewfinders, and “framed” specific views within the site to show off the surrounding natural landscape (the orchard). The organic shape of the first floor holds the entirety of the public spaces, both indoor and outdoor. The shape takes shape from the organization of indoor and outdoor spaces, the indoor spaces extrude out, and the outdoor spaces push in, creating a series of concave and convex curves. The upper floor hovers above the first, and holds all of the art classrooms as well as the office spaces (the more private programming). The entire building consists of glass of different transparencies and reflectivity. The reflective glass cover more private areas, and provide a view back out towards the community, while the clear glass provides a view straight through to the other side of the building.

Initial Diagrams: