Seed. Sleeve. Starter. (seed packet plant pot hybrid)

Sustainable Packaging: Starter Planting Pots

With my design, I wanted to create a compostable plant pot and seed packet hybrid that would be able to fold easily from a flat-shipping seed packet into a starter pot. Instead of the packet being thrown out right after the seeds are taken out, the same material used is repurposed and made into a starter pot. For this, I chose decomposable and sustainable materials, recycled chipboard and canvas, glued together with decomposable “Hydrogen Link” glue to create a standard sized, foldable seed packet. It can be adapted to represent various branding and holds a sheet of seed paper inside to simplify the planting process. The main audience for this package is anyone who would buy seeds in a packet, from larger retailers to the every day consumer. The instructions for assembling the pot and adding the seeds are on the package itself, and the numbering system also helps the assembly along. Once the pot is assembled and the seeds have started to sprout, the pot can then be planted directly into the ground. The porosity of the material allows for proper drainage for the pot while watering it.